Have 24/7 Electric Replace Hazardous Aluminum Wiring

Most of the time, you probably don’t pay a lot of attention to the specifics of the wiring logistics in your home. And that makes sense, because it’s not too terribly exciting. But if your home was built during the mid-1900s (think the 60s to early 70s) then there’s a chance it was constructed with aluminum wiring. It made sense back then, because copper wiring had grown more expensive, but in the short time it was installed in homes, people began to realize that aluminum wiring had some properties that made it potentially dangerous.

The problem lies in the physical properties of aluminum. It breaks down quicker than copper does, and it oxidizes much more easily in addition to being more susceptible to changes in temperature. When coupled with poor connections, these characteristics lead to a greater potential for a fire sparking. In fact, it became such a problem that it was scrapped as a wiring material in 1973.

If your home was built in that range, it might’ve been outfitted with aluminum wiring, meaning it poses a risk. 24/7 Electric can perform a total home re-wiring service, taking your dangerous aluminum wiring and replacing it with safer, more efficient copper wire that won’t pose a fire hazard.

*24/7 Electric adheres to the highest standard of code and we are committed to our client’s complete safety. As such we will only approve aluminum wiring if the wiring has been pigtailed or treated with Alumiconn©. Under no circumstances do we accept payment for insurance safety inspections. Upon completion of a treatment or replacement a safety inspection will be provided.

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